David Becker first moved from Texas to Kenya in March 1990, to work with the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa as a missionary focusing on local church leadership development. With him was his late wife, Beth, and two sons, Caleb and Joshua. Scott was born in 1992 in Nairobi.

It was shortly after moving to Zambia in 1997, that David again noticed a need he had seen in Kenya–for a greater, more substantial impact of the gospel on the social and personal aspects of the lives of Zambian believers. In pursuing being better equipped to be part of the answer to this issue, he received a PhD. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2010 for his research on local leadership theory and its impact on church leadership. This resulted in his concentration on working for worldview changes in the lives of the church leaders according to the transformation brought about by the renewing of the mind saved by faith in Jesus (Romans 12:1-2).

David ministers and teaches through a variety of methods, but has centered on mentoring as a means to challenge church leaders to develop their personal life’s walk with Jesus. Then, as the transformation comes for living lives congruent with their faith, these leaders are encouraged to equip the believers of their churches for living and ministry through their own vocations and daily lives. His work is to see the growth of the kingdom of God in the lives of the Christians living in Zambia and beyond. The new birth Jesus brought is meant to produce new values and purposes for living here and in the now.